There are many add-ons obtainable with which to outfit newer Taser types. From compact extras applied together with a Taser for instance observe targets, servicing kits, a knowledge port obtain kit, along with the Blackhawk® holster, there are also add-ons which have been interchangeable with the inventory setup of the Taser (manufacturing unit se… Read More

The TASER Pulse immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds, furnishing single-fireplace/multi-cycle abilities so you may have sufficient time to make a Safe Escape.The shopper expressly agrees to indemnify and keep harmless The house Security Superstore for all promises ensuing especially or indirectly from the acquisition, possession and use through the… Read More

Tasers also offer a protection benefit to law enforcement officers[citation essential]. Tasers Have got a higher deployment vary than batons, pepper spray or empty hand approaches. This permits law enforcement to keep up a larger length.Movie recorded approximately a few many years ago and posted on YouTube is liable for the security guard's convic… Read More

Stun guns are now most of The only and inexpensive self-defense weapons available. A stun gun, or just a teaser, mainly because it is generally referred to, is really a handheld device that areas out a considerable voltage shock and stuns the attacker."It's a terrible concept. It is a unsafe notion," states Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty … Read More

Stun guns present self protection by ache compliance — in essence your attacker is deterred below the specter of suffering. And believe me, one million volts of electricity is unpleasant!In response towards the statements the pain inflicted by using the Taser could most likely constitute torture, Tom Smith, the Chairman of the Taser Board, has… Read More